How I Got Here

Here we go;

I’m not one to blog about myself on the web. My husband loved the idea of me blogging about my unique rocky and smooth roads so I decided why not.

Where to I start is not as simple a question as one might think; so I decided that I might as well start from the beginning. I grew up in a family of 6 children I was the 2nd to youngest and by far probably the most hyper child that anyone has seen on my block.
I was a wild child who needed a lot of help just to get by in school. Before you go so what just continue reading for a little bit.

At the age of 5 or 6 I was diagnosed with ADHD. My parents were not for medicating but instead sent me to therapy. I had biofeedback 2 times a week and play therapy once a week. I loved the one on one attention but school was another story.

By the time I was in K I had no friends I was the loner who played with the toys in the corner afraid to venture out and make friends. the only thing I had going for me in those days was my therapist and unfortunately lots and lots of food.

I Have food issues but that’s for another time. By the time I was 1/2 way through 2nd grade I still could not read or write I remember coming home from school and having my mom sign my homework sheet with out checking to see if I had done my work. According to my mom I came to her crying that I was stupid and couldn’t read so she did what any mom would do she got me a private tutor.

I had tutoring everyday for two hours and on Sundays I went to a special education teacher. being in school from 8:30 -4:00 was hard enough but from 5:00-7:00 I was in my room rain or shine, winter or summer doing home work with a tutor. By the end of 2nd grade I had pretty much caught up to my class.

Tutoring 2 hours a night went all the way through 8th grade. As you can imagine this did not leave any time for socialization.

once I graduated High School I went to college and low and behold I got my bachelor’s degree and I am almost done with my Masters. I got married at 20 and have 2 beautiful children.

My husband is my strength and my rock who keeps me going when things seem hopeless. Anyway my mom is the one who I owe all the thanks too. because I had all those tutors and had to be on time with homework I developed the focus that got me through college. So thank you mom for giving me the tools to build my self up.

This blog is just the beginning and I decided to keep it light.

I hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned.